Business Games
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Are qualified employees the basis of your company’s success? Enhance the effectiveness of your continuing education program by means of interactive, collective and catchy learning experiences – with our platform this is as transparent and easy like a hotel reservation.

Unique experience

We strongly believe that for many topics interactive workshop can offer a greater learning experience than traditional seminars and boost the team spirit. So, why not complement your next employee, supplier or customer event with a business game?

Your needs matter

We understand that your needs are different based on your event. From providing experienced trainers and materials to conduct the event at your company to organising a conference room - we are happy to provide our services. Worldwide. Anytime

Our Passion

This company was founded out of ideas that we developed by conducting numerous games at ETH Zurich and participating in a ‘Game and Learning Alliance’ research project. This forms a firm theoretical foundation for our company and WE are burning to help industry profit from these advantages.

About business games

Interactive business games provide a unique experience for groups like teams in your company. The participants can collaboratively assemble physical products, optimize processes, brainstorm ideas or make decisions. This fosters the team spirit within functional and cross-functional teams within your company and at the same time teaches a specific skillset.

In a world where we have all information at our fingertips, this form of applied knowledge can offer a high value to your employee, your company and your supply chain.

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