Durationcirca 2 – 4 h
Number of participation4-12 per group (up to 4 groups in parallel)
Target groupManufacturing Industry, Building Industry
Learning ContentSupply Chain, reduction of ineffencies, develop strategies
 LanguageEnglish, German

Did you wonder about the reasons for stockouts and excessive inventories in your supply chain? Do you want to learn more about possible root causes and discuss strategies how to overcome this challenge? Then take a look at the Beer Game.

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The Beer Game is a simulation of a supply chain with four parties (retailer, wholesaler, distributor and factory). Participants take the role of a party and decide – based on their current stock situation and customer orders – how much to order from their direct supplier. All participants have a common goal: Minimizing costs for capital employed in stocks while avoiding out-of-stock situations. By playing the Beer Game the participants will


  • Physically simulate a supply chain
  • Experience interrelations and effects within a supply chain
  • Learn about the bullwhip effect
  • Discuss strategies to avoid inefficiencies
  • Optional: Compete against other groups


Target group:

  • Primarily procurement, supply chain and sales departments
  • Other departments who are interested in supply chain interrelations


Required qualifications:

  • None