Electricity Treaty Game

Durationcirca 2 – 4 h
Number of participants5 per group (up to 4 groups in parallel)
Target GroupConsumer Goods, Energy & Environment, Trade, Service Industry, Government
Learning content
Improve negotiation, argumentation and cooperation capabilities
 LanguageEnglish, German (The Trolleybus Game is currently only offered in Switzerland)

The Swiss Federal Government is about to negotiate a bilateral electricity treaty with the European Union (represented by the European Commission). In order for the Swiss Federal Government to be able to negotiate with the European Commission it needs a mandate that details which goals it should attain with regards to different negotiation topics.
The four most powerful players in the Swiss electricity sector are consulted to draft this mandate. Whereas these four powerful players agree on most points, they hold conflicting views on two of the most important negotiation topics. Namely, they disagree 1) to which degree the Swiss retail market for electricity should be liberalised and 2) whether long-term contracts that regulate the import of electricity from France should be dissolved or not and how their owners should be financially compensated if the contracts are dissolved.

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The aims of the Electricity Treaty Game are:

  • Demonstrate the relationships in a complex negotiation.
  • Show potential problems that could arise in a catchy way.
  • Improve negotiation, argumentation, consensus building and cooperation skills.


Target group:

The business game is aimed at  employees, who should experience the process of negotiation and interactively develop argumentation, cooperation and consensus building skills. Hence, the Electricity Treaty Game is not limited to a particular organizational unit.

The Electricity Treaty Game is currently only offered in Switzerland.


Required qualifications:

  • None