Lead time control

Durationcirca 2 – 4 h
Number of participants8 – 15 per group
Target groupConsumer Goods, Logistics & Transportation
Learning contentOptimization of the logistical performance of the company
 LangugaeEnglish, German

Customers of producing companies see an excellent logistical performance as a distinguishing feature. Hence, the logistical performance can be a competitive advantage. However, the simultaneus achievement of short delivery times, high adherence to delivery dates, high resource useage and low work in progress is due to immanent goal conflicts not possible.

During the Lead Time Control Game these goal conflicts are demonstrated in a variant-oriented single-item production. In multiple rounds, improvement measures are developed and implemented.

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The aims of the Lead Time Control Game are:

  • The participants learn the different levers for production control in order to improve the logistical performance in a production environment.
  • Furthermore, the classical errors in reasoning leading into the “error circle of production planning and control” are demonstrated.


Target group:

The game mainly addresses employees in producing companies, especially in the area of purchasing and supply chain management, production, logistics and storage.


Required qualifications:

  • None