Lean Production Game

Duration2 – 4 or 4 – 8 h
Number of participants4-16 per group (up to 4 groups in parallel)
Target groupManufacturing Industry, Trade, Building Industry, Service Industry, Government
Learning contentLearn about lean philosophy, identify ways of waste
 LanguageEnglish, German

Lean Production is an answer to the customer’s request for high customizability and need for high flexibility of the production. Lean principles have already been implemented by many companies. But what does Lean look like and why is it that successful? This Lean Production Game shows playfully how Lean Production works and helps to understands its benefits.

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The aims of the Lean Production Game are:

  • Learn the advantages of the Lean philosophy.
  • Get to know the potentials of Lean and discuss measures for your company.
  • What types of waste exist in the Production (e.g. high stocks, quality deficits) and how can I improve them.
  • Get to know successful examples of Lean from other companies.
  • Motivate your employees to independently improve processes and work out routines applying Lean principles.


Target group:

The business game is aimed at employees of industrial companies, who should experience the processes in a manufacturing company from another organizational perspective and interactively develop and implement lean management concepts. Hence, the Lean Production Game is not limited to a particular organizational unit.


Required qualifications:

  • None