What are the benefits of playing Business Games?

  • Do you want to improve the performance of your company?
  • Do you want to learn about and master professional fields of knowledge?
  • Do you want to boost the motivation in your team?

Business games offer both education and entertainment for employees – at the same time! The participants literately “experience” business. Therefore, business games are a perfect match if you are looking for a way to train your team in terms of professional technical skills and social competencies.

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The benefit


Participating employees are engaged in the business games and tangibly experience concepts to improve their practices. They can transfer the gained knowledge to daily practices with a positive impact on the company’s performance.


For one thing, participating in business games causes a “eureka effect” regarding learning professional concepts. This effect is more intense and sustainable than teaching concepts by just talking about it! Playing business games helps to collaboratively improve hard skills, e.g. better reacting to specific supply chain events and soft skills, e.g. better communication.


For another thing, an additional benefit of applying business games is to improve the overall team spirit, since business games are a way to have a common team experience and participants are able to gain new perspectives by switching roles.

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The peculiarity

Learning effects as a team

Business games switch rational, specific learning content to an entertaining, tangible learning experience. Therefore, business games combine the benefits of the following two approaches:

Applied learning

First, business games “gamify” learning for employees – either testing, refreshing and enriching existing practices or teaching novel professional concepts in an interactive environment. They build on entertainment learning approaches and specifically game-based learning approaches, in order to “translate and transfer” knowledge from theory to practice in a corporate context.

Entertaining experiences

Second, business games “learnify” fun and entertainment team events. They concentrate on business related experiences and specific team events, in order to balance educational with entertaining aspects.

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The functionality

Memorable interactivity as a learning form

In order to guarantee the professional execution of business game events, there is always at least one experienced trainer from the vendor taking over responsibility for conducting the business game on the day of your event. The trainer can explain interrelationships, monitor the conduction of the game and help individually in case of problems. This setup ensures a reliable learning experience for the whole group.

Physical experience as a team-event

All participants get involved by acting and taking decisions which have an impact on the outcome of the team. By this engagement, participants can experience the consequences of their actions in a safe environment. This link – experience, learning and events - is the basis on which getBusinessGames.com carefully builds its portfolio so that you can select value-adding and impactful business games!

Aha experience at the application

Complex, real world business practices of a company are simplified and are simulated with participants in a seminar setting. Thereby, the participants literately “experience” business challenges: The participants execute topic/theme-specific tasks to achieve business goals. Obstacles are set and mistakes are provoked in order that frequent, typical lacks become apparent. The participants search for solutions and can implement changes. They can try again to achieve their goals and assess the impact.

How does the agenda for a "game-day" look like?

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The agenda of the different kinds of business games varies depending on the complexity and the setup of the game. In most cases, the business games at getBusinessGames.com are half-day or full-day trainings. They can easily be integrated in workshops and events (e.g. training days or project kick-offs for employees, suppliers or customers) and combined with other activities. In most cases, the day is structured as follows:

  1. Get ready!
    An introduction sets the basis and explains the procedures, rules and set up for successfully conducting the business game.
  2. Play the game!
    The core of a business game session is the practical phase – the actual game. During this phase, the participants are able to take decisions and actions. They can observe the other participants’ responses and resulting dynamics within the group.
  3. Wrap up experiences!
    Observations, experiences and results are discussed among the participants in the subsequent evaluation phase. As experts in their field, the trainers also contribute theoretical input.
  4. Transfer learnings!
    The group discussion is facilitated by our experienced trainers. The participants are encouraged to specify their key learnings and how they could transfer their learnings to their daily work and future practices.